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Professional translators for over thirty years

Translations, agenzia di traduzioni

TER has been active in the field of translations for over 30 years.
Our vast experience, combined with the latest tools and most advanced technologies, enables us to deliver top quality services at competitive prices. Our professional, rapid and confidential service has won us the confidence of prestigious companies in Italy and abroad, with whom we have built up longstanding working relationships based on mutual trust and esteem.

Thanks to an extensive network of expert translators, all carefully selected for their language skills and areas of specialisation, we are able to translate to and from all the languages of the European Union and to and from many non-European languages too. Our areas of specialisation include technical translations (instruction manuals, product specifications, patents, etc.) commercial and marketing translations (brochures, websites and press releases). We can also handle legal, financial and corporate texts and can provide legalised translations when needed.

All our projects are managed with maximum care and attention to ensure conformity between source and target language, correct terminology and clear, precise style.